Greenwashing Guide Part 1

Greenwashing is a type of marketing that tries to persuade consumers that a product is more environmentally friendly, ethical or non-toxic than it actually is. 

So, while one part of a product might be considered ethical or sustainable, the rest of it is not and may even be environmentally, or socially, harmful to use. By doing this, the corporation hopes to give off an impression of being green, by communicating about and highlighting only the more environmentally positive parts of their products, in an attempt to convince you to buy in. 

There's no question that as buyer demand for sustainable and non-toxic products has increased, so has greenwashing, as more businesses try to cash in on the trend.

There are three areas of a company that we can explore to identify if greenwashing is happening.

  • The Marketing
  • The Product  
  • The Company 

We'll also be sharing some things to help you find the companies that are driven by purpose.