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This minimalist soap holder will be the best ally of your solid soaps and shampoos! It allows rapid and complete drying. It allows you to make your soaps last longer.

It consists of two elements: a suction cup with a magnet to be fixed to the wall and a steel ring to be inserted into your soap.

Practical, you can place it on any smooth surface: inside the sink, on the shower screen etc.

- Durable, Reusable

- Infinitely repositionable

- Supports all soaps up to 200g

- Minimalist and discreet

- Convenient and easy to use

- Does not require drilling or glue


Clean the surface where you want to install the suction cup, then attach the suction cup by simply pressing down on it.

Insert the metal ring in the middle of your solid soap. If the soap is too hard, place it on a damp cloth to soften it a bit.

Secure the soap by bringing it closer to the magnetic suction cup.

Remove the soap by sliding it off the suction cup, rather than pulling on it.


Does not require any particular maintenance.

You can simply rinse it between two soaps if necessary.

Do not use tools (hammer, etc.) to insert the ring into the soap, as this could damage the alloy and cause wear or even rust. If the soap is too hard, place it on a damp cloth to soften it a bit.