We’re Getting a Makeover but Keeping the Good

Oh My Good's New Look

I wanted to let you know about some really exciting changes that I’ve been working on. We’re getting a makeover, and I’m excited to share our new look with you and why we’ve decided to change our branding.

We’re young but we’re growing into ourselves.

When we started, our vision was for:

“A future where making good choices for people and the planet, is as simple as buying the things that you need.”

Our mission was to make sure people had access to products that helped them make a difference without lifting a finger, saving time, money and stress, while giving our customers peace of mind, knowing that when they buy the things they want and need, they are actually making a difference. These are the heart and soul of Oh My Good along with our guiding principles and neither will ever change. 

Our new branding is a true reflection

When I first launched Oh My Good, I designed a logo that fit where we were, but now that we are growing into ourselves and finding our voice, I wanted to create an identity that reflected our values and mission whilst being streamlined and easily recognisable.

What does our new look represent?

Our new look is simple and versatile, with the green of our logo representing the earth, forests, plants, and our mission to support our customers in their journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle.  

We use tan: to represent the human spirit, community and our mission to make fair trade and supporting communities more accessible.

Yellow is used because it: represents the sun, its energy as well as our positive climate optimist outlook.

The light blue colour: represents our concern for ocean health and the well-being of the animals and plants living in it

The future is Good

The only thing we're changing at the moment is our logo and branding, so our customers won't have to do anything.  

We have some exciting plans and ideas to develop and showcase our new identity, so do keep an eye out for these changes and other up and coming plans we have for the future. 

If you’d like to contact us with questions or to share feedback please send me an email to info@ohmyood.ie.

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